Material Handling Division

Bin Dasmal Doors specializes in various products within its material handling inter-division; some of which include those such as Dock-levelers, Scissor Lifts and Dock Shelters.
Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers

The Dock Leveler is a height adjustment platform used as a bridge between the dock and the truck. This can be hydraulically or mechanically operated. Dock Levelers are designed to deliver outstanding strength and durability while providing fast, easy and safe operations. These are used in loading bays.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lifts serve the same function as dock levelers but used for greater height adjustment. These lifts can be hydraulically operated. Designed for strength and safety with fail safe devices pre-installed, they provide more reliability for implementation. Scissor Lifts are used in loading bays.

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters

A Dock Shelter is a cover that protects the space between the door of a truck and a warehouse. The outer rigid framing is made of wood or metal. This can either be air inflated or non-inflated. The motorized operation makes them more feasible for operation. The rigid frame and improved durability can accommodate a wide variety of trailer sizes, providing full access to the back of a trailer. Dock shelters are used in loading bays.

VELOCITY™ Series HVLS Warehouse Fans

VELOCITY™ Series HVLS warehouse fans

Originally known for their ability to manufacture custom and durable equipment to move materials, Serco┬« is now advancing the efficient movement of air throughout industrial and commercial facilities with its VELOCITY™ Series HVLS warehouse fans. Serco VELOCITY High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) warehouse fans are designed to be the most energy efficient and durable fans in the industry. The slow moving air mass produced by the VELOCITY HVLS fan provides considerable benefits to employees, products and facilities.