About cantilever shelving system and its uses!

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Overview:  Cantilever shelving is a specifically designed system for the safe and organized storage that are used to pick the heavy loads. These systems are known for an efficient and effective option to conventional lighter weight storage solutions. They are suitable for most of the strenuous environments and considered for the robust designs using standard structural steel sections. These cantilevers racking system is regarded as a great solution for storage of long and bulky material. It offers easier storage and retrieval of bulky material than traditional pallet racking.

Cantilever Shelving provides below benefits:

  • Storing heavy and bulky items: Cantilever shelving system is basically designed for the storage of long and bulky items such as steel racks, beams or even pre-packed furniture. These products are difficult and cumbersome to store using traditional shelving and rack methods, the cantilever racks’ open design and its overall length are perfectly suitable for any tall, skinny items which you need to keep off the floor.
  • Easy access and flexibility: The cantilever racking system include two smaller racks on either side of a lengthy I-beam with nothing directly above and no traditional ‘shelf’ to speak of. Its open design allows for much easier access, especially on the higher shelves with forklifts or similar equipment. It keeps your specific items on cantilever racks without worrying about them being buried behind other pallets of items.
  • Save money and time: Through cantilever racks, you can do the things more quickly and save your efforts and time. This design allows for handling easier item storage and enables workers to find parts they need more quickly or load them on the shelves far more easily than with other types of racks. They increase storage both depth and lengthwise and also allows for more economic space usage by freeing up space in other areas and allowing for deeper storage to store more items.

Cantilever shelving systems allow using your warehouse space more efficiently and effectively. If you have any irregularly shaped items then cantilever racking system is an ideal choice for you. The system consists of vertical uprights to which are fixed horizontal arms, with optional stoppers on the end. The arms are angled 2° upward for a safe storage. Products are stored horizontally on the arms, either manually, by using a forklift truck or a crane.

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