About mobile racking and its advantages!

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Overview:  Mobile racking system provides your business with high-capacity office storage system. It is an optimal solution for storage and helps to reduce costs for a new building. The electronically controlled MOVO heavy duty mobile pallet racking system runs on embedded rails and can carry bay loads of up to 24 tons at racking heights of up to 12 meters, with runs up to 90m possible.

Mobile shelving units are outlined to increase the storage capacity of your building. This innovative shelving solution is especially useful for areas with limited floor space and many files or objects to store. By using these systems you can now store more in less space. Not only do our storage solutions increase floor space in your facility, they also help to keep you organized and can protect and preserve important items. Bin Dasmal Doors is one of the leading mobile racking suppliers in UAE providing a range of services including designs, supply, installation and maintenance.

Advantages of mobile racking system:

  • Easy to integrate into any environment
  • File access is quicker due to better organization & controlled storage
  • Large range of accessories available
  • Up to 90% of storage space is utilized, maximizing storage space for high land cost situations, such as cold or freezer stores.
  • The mobile racking system can be modified depending on the availability.
  • Saving in energy, operating and cleaning cost.
  • A space saving solution that is tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Modular installation concept that can be extended at any time.

Does it require maintenance?

Yes a planned maintenance program is strongly advised. We recommend an annual service and will provide tips on good housekeeping habits for your cleaners and users that will ensure against breakdowns. They are very robust and with good cleaning habits can give many years of worry free operation.

Signs are fitted to each system to remind operators of do’s and don’ts to keep the system in good condition. Planned services can normally detect and fix a problem far more economically than an expensive emergency call out that may disrupt your business, with a jammed system and files that cannot be got at.

Why Bin Dasmal Doors?

The services provided by us are extended over an entire UAE region at any given time. Our mobile racking is a high-density, electrically-operated storage system that can accommodate both conventional and unconventional racking. It is suitable for any kind of warehouse goods and with a guaranteed operational safety at temperatures as low as -30° C that makes it ideal for use in cold storage rooms.

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