Advantages of High Speed Doors

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High-speed doors are also known as high-performance doors. They perform the function of a barrier in commercial buildings. The main purpose of high speed doors is to open and close quickly. They allow quick movement in the business setting.

The main characteristics of high speed doors are:

  • Power operation
  • Rolling or sliding
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Low maintenance

Main advantages of high- speed doors

  • They provide increased security as they prevent the employees from entering the unauthorized areas through its quick open/shut times. Some doors do not have rubber gaskets between them and eliminates the intrusion by outsiders.
  • Some business areas work with corrosive materials. These doors protect such areas by segregating it. Fast operation and durable materials keep the employees and visitors safe in the premises.
  • High speed doors are extremely flexible and reduces any damages or injuries in case of collisions. 
  • They facilitate the reduced loss of heating and cooling. They are energy efficient, wind resistant and provides tight sealing.
  •  Durability of these doors provides damage resistance compared to conventional doors.  Doors equipped with insulation also prevents the cold winds from entering the facility.
  • High speed doors are good in controlling the airflow and reduces risk. They are suitable for using in pressure sensitive environments.
  • They are used in food processing industries to separate assembly line from waste disposal areas.
  • They are easier to maintain and clean. They are equipped to withstand any heavy use of cleaning materials.
  • These doors are equipped with push/pull drive technology that facilitates low maintenance. 
  • They are beneficial in increasing the productivity as people and equipment can be moved throughout the facility with much ease.
  • They provides for a number of cost savings like reduction in repairing from collisions, reduced heat and air conditioning costs, low HVAC maintenance costs etc.  

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