All about revolving glass doors, its features and benefits!

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Nowadays, there are plenty of door options available in the market to architects when constructing residential, commercial or educational buildings. These doors are available in different operating options such as manual, automatic and a combination of both, but the basic needs and prerequisites are probably going to be the same for example effective, safe, and easy for the client.

Bin Dasmal Doors & Storage Solutions offers a wide range of premium quality revolving glass doors at competitive prices. The demand of these types of doors has been increasing enormously these days at commercial complexes, hotels, airports, and many more places.

Features of revolving glass doors:

Revolving doors basically comprise of a series of 3 or 4 panels which are also known as wings or leaves. These panels are attached to a central vertical shaft around which they turn. The entire structure is encased in a round and hollow structure and the panels are separated so that in the normal task the door is never truly open for example there is no reasonable direct section from the road into the building which can bypass the panels. The panels, as well as an enclosure, generally incorporate glass for safety as well as visual reasons. The glass enables individuals to see others utilizing the door and to manage their movements as needs are.

Automatic versions have a powered central shaft and use sensors to stop and begin the door in possibly dangerous circumstances. There is commonly a speed control include, and the doors themselves can be folded back to make a clear space through the opening for crisis circumstances or for moving large objects in or out of a building.

These revolving doors are highly appreciated among clients due to their distinctive features such as excellent strength, fine finish, easy movement, simple installation and many more.

Benefits of revolving glass doors:

  • These doors do not only provide optimum security but also give an aesthetic look to the building.
  • They help to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the building. This is because they are never really open as they enable individuals to enter and leave a building. This implies that valuable heat isn’t lost, and any air conditioning balance is maintained.
  • These doors are very effective at keeping a maintained flow of individuals in and out of a building which improves security. Revolving doors are energy efficient as they prevent drafts (acting as an airlock), thus decreasing the loss of heating or cooling for the building.
  • Their single direction operation implies that they can also be helpful for security where certain zones can’t be bypassed or kept away from or where a specific direction flow is fundamental for example air terminals.

Our revolving glass doors are designed in such a way that it’s all its mechanisms are concealed, providing a simple and elegant appeal. For more details feel free to contact Bin Dasmal Doors & Storage Solutions!

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