Benefits of blast proof doors!

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When it comes to blast proof doors, these are the best security barriers for your space, as they offer best protection to desired area due to their elevated durability. Bin Dasmal Doors & Storage Solutions is one of the best and leading companies in Dubai which offer an exclusive range of blast-proof doors in order to give clients a smart move for their business.

If you are not sure you need a fire door, here are some amazing benefits that clear your doubt. The benefits include;

Advantages of blast proof doors:

  • Durability: Designing of blast-proof doors involves combining durable and specific materials procured from reliable vendors to ensure features such as durability and fire resistance. These doors are not affected by fire or explosions for prolonged periods of time. The durability of these doors makes it a versatile door option for your business which is able to withstand any possible explosions. They are engineered to meet the most demanding blast requirements.


  • Safety factor: Blast proof doors with compliance to right standards and norms are helpful in saving lives and properties. Properly designed doors are subjected to a series of tests to ensure its safety in case of situations like fire, hazardous emissions and explosions. These doors are a crucial element in protecting the people and property by limiting the consequences of explosions. They can withstand any dynamic or static pressure load during or after any explosions, thus maintaining a protected working environment by allowing everybody to get out of the building securely and saving a lot of money with regards to protection and substitution of things.


  • Security: A blast-proof door can be fitted with acoustic insulations and fire- resistant properties for facilitating fire resistance, industrial or deliberate explosions, and other possible situations. Combination of all these properties offers a total industrial solution in terms of security.


  • Other benefits: These doors demand easier handling and low maintenance procedures. The advanced strength and integrity of these doors bring out other important benefits like long life, major corrosion resistance, and high durability. Blast resistant doors are designed and manufactured to meet the safety requirements of the end user.

If you are thinking about purchasing high-quality blast proof doors, then Bin Dasmal Doors & Storage Solutions is the best option for you. The company brings to you a premium quality range of doors in order to give you proper safety and security.

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