Benefits of Hangar doors

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Hangar Doors are reliable, long-lasting and its maintenance costs are low. Hangar doors can endure heavy-duty industrial wear does not require much maintenance. Hangar doors are manufactured to withstand moisture level fluctuations and temperature. They are resistant to dust, dirt, wear and can stand up to even the most violent winds. Hangar doors are usually lightweight and durable against wear and tear. 

Hangar doors can be made in a variety of different configurations. Some configurations are used for strength, some for the ease of use and some other configurations to handle specific environmental features in a particular climate. These doors have three distinct purposes. One being to keep the elements out, second to keep the climatized air in and the third to control vermin, birds and varmints. Hangar doors are expected to have good sealing qualities on all sides of the door to function effectively.

They are manufactured in a way that facilitates easy opening of the doors. There are three types of hangar doors- bottom rolling, hydraulic swinging and bi-folding. Bottom rolling hangar doors are best suited for large applications. They require little maintenance and if they are unpowered, there is little that can go wrong with this type of doors. Hydraulic swinging hangar doors have excellent potential and are relatively light weight. They are best suited for the environment which do not experience any chronic high winds. 

Bi-folding hangar doors are best suited for general aviation and requires much lower maintenance than a hydraulic model. They are easy to operate and are available in a much lower price than a hydraulic swinging hangar door. With a solid and reliable door model, your business is gaining valuable time and accessibility. They are a primary means of safety to ensure the protection of aircraft and associated equipment.   

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