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What’re Automatic Gate Barriers?

Gate Barriers like Traffic Barriers and Sliding Gates are systems used to enhance security in premises and control traffic. They should be easy to install and operate. They’re useful for residential, commercial and public spaces like roads and toll gates. Automatic barriers should be chosen carefully.

What’s the need to install automatic gate barriers?

Gate barriers help to

  • control and curb unwanted and unruly traffic flow
  • control unrestricted entry of people in an area and enhance security.
    • In offices, they increase the security of the employees by disallowing entry of unauthorized people.
    • In residences, they help to block trespassers.
  • Gate barriers are used in commercial spaces to allow entry only to safe and authorized people.
  • Block the entry of people into certain portions of buildings / houses.
  • Facilitate parking by helping to control unauthorized parking, increasing convenience and safety.

Automated Barriers reduce the possibility of human error and increase comfort.

Given below are some of the factors that should influence the purchase of gate barriers.

  • Where the gate barriers will be used, is an important factor. They’re different for commercial complexes, car parks, roads etc.
  • The frequency of use of the barrier differs as per the area where it is installed. For e.g.: A barrier in a shopping mall will be used more frequently as compared to one in a residential complex.
  • Some features are required for high-risk areas. For e.g.: barriers with loop detectors and radio controls would be useful for high-risk areas in comparison to easier areas.
  • The gate barriers should be quality certified as per the international norms.

Since automated gate barriers are such an important part of security measures for any building, and it’s important to keep many factors in mind before purchasing them, it becomes imperative to source them from a company that assures product quality and world-class safety features. The company should assure of advice on the kind of gate barriers to purchase depending on the use.

Bin Dasmal Doors assures all this and is well-known to supply guaranteed automatic gate barriers in UAE. The Company is established in 1995, has since become the market leader for supply, installation and servicing of automated gate barriers in UAE. They assure of compliance with international quality standards, and a highly qualified team that works closely with its clients.


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