Commercial Doors: dedicated to solve extreme security risks

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Commercial doors are an important part of any business flow. These doors are used in factories and warehouses to provide high security, privacy and also protect from external extremities like storms, rain, and snow. These space saving door systems can be adapted to different industrial facilities using various track applications.

Commercial doors mainly include-

High speed doors: High Speed Doors are vertical coiling or vertical folding doors. These doors are compatible with interior or exterior installations.These doors are the solution for entrance and exit into and out of areas where the temperature levels need to be maintained, such as air-conditioned protected areas and temperature variation rooms in warehouses.

PVC swing doors: PVC Swing Doors are used in high volume, high speed motorized traffic. The basic design consists of door body and hinge hardware. The tough, gravity suspended, rubber panels flex to absorb impact, protecting loads and equipment from damage.These doors are suitable for loading bay areas.

Commercial rolling shutters: These are vertical coiling metal doors that are insulated, single skin, either Fire-rated or Non-fire Rated. The basic design consists of horizontal slats, side guides, bottom bars, barrel assembly and hood covers. Commercial Rolling Shutters are primarily used in retail stores in shopping malls to ensure top security during non-working hours.

Steel doors: Steel Doors are swinging doors which are Fire-rated. The basic design consists of an outer frame, insulated panels, push bars and door closures. Doors can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. These doors are manually operated and primarily used within commercial office buildings.

The growing popularity of steel doors has increased the number of steel doors suppliers in Dubai. While there are several options to choose from,Bin Dasmal Doors is a reliable option which is considered best when it comes to provide quality products.

Bin Dasmal Doors offer specialized products to which comes with strength and durability in an impeccable manner.The company offers its customers various kinds of high quality doors and storage solutions. These doors can be used for various purposes across multiple sectors. The company values customer satisfaction and offers only the best to their customers and also provides many kinds of doors, automated and standard and also offers the service of maintenance by trained and knowledgeable professionals for the door whenever required by the consumer.


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