Hangar doors for different aircraft types: Solutions from specialized suppliers

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To protect aircraft, provide seamless transitions between the hangar and the runway, and improve operational effectiveness, specialized hangar doors are essential. Regarding hangar doors for various aircraft types, there isn’t a universally applicable solution. The difficulty has been met by specialized hangar door suppliers, who provide a broad array of solutions suited to the unique requirements of different aircraft, ranging from tiny general aviation aircraft to enormous commercial jets

The importance of specialized hangar doors

Aircraft are a significant investment, and their proper storage and maintenance are essential to ensure their longevity and performance. Hangar doors serve as the gateway to a safe and secure storage space. They are not just functional barriers; they are also instrumental in optimizing various aspects of aircraft operations, from maintenance and repair to boarding and take-off.

Diverse aircraft types, diverse requirements

Hangar door requirements vary depending on the kind of aircraft, from modest single-engine models to big commercial airliners. Size, weight-bearing capability, insulation, and operating mechanisms are a few examples of these specifications. Let’s explore some of the key considerations for different aircraft types:

  • Small general aviation planes

Small, general aviation aircraft are commonly used for personal and recreational purposes. Hangar doors for these planes need to be cost-effective, reliable, and easy to operate. Bifold and hydraulic doors are popular choices as they are versatile, space-saving, and provide efficient access for smaller aircraft.

  • Corporate Jets

Corporate jets come in various sizes, and their hangar door requirements may differ accordingly. For mid-sized corporate jets, a hydraulic one-piece door is a popular choice due to its smooth operation and unobstructed clearance. Large corporate jets often require custom-designed sliding doors, which can accommodate their substantial wingspan and provide ample space for easy entry and exit.

  • Helicopters

Helicopters have unique storage requirements due to their vertical take-off and landing capabilities. Hangar doors for helicopters need to be wide enough to allow for easy vertical maneuvering. Sliding doors or custom-designed fabric doors that can accommodate the height and rotor span of helicopters are commonly used.

  • Regional and Commercial Aircraft

Regional and commercial aircraft, such as regional jets and passenger airliners, are significantly larger and heavier than general aviation planes. Their hangar doors must be robust and capable of supporting immense loads. Large-scale hydraulic doors and specialty-designed vertical-lifting fabric doors are often used for these aircraft, as they can accommodate their substantial size and weight.

Benefits of specialized hangar doors

  • Specialized hangar doors are designed to maximize space utilization within the hangar. This is especially crucial for hangars with limited real estate.
  • High-quality doors provide a secure barrier against unauthorized access, protecting valuable aircraft and equipment.
  • The right hangar door solution can streamline aircraft movement, enabling quick and efficient maintenance, boarding, and take-off.
  • Modern hangar doors are designed with insulation and energy-efficient features, reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • High-quality materials and construction ensure the durability and long-term reliability of hangar doors.

Specialized hangar door suppliers play a vital role in understanding the unique requirements of each aircraft category and providing tailored door systems that ensure safe and efficient operations. Whether it’s small general aviation planes, corporate jets, helicopters, or commercial airliners, the right hangar door is an essential component for the proper care and maintenance of aircraft, ultimately contributing to their longevity and operational efficiency.


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