How to Create a Blast Proof Design at High-Risk Structures?

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High risk or industrial areas require the highest level of protection for people and equipment. Blast accidents are associated with greatest risks of injuries and material loss; thus it is important to invest in blast proof doors that are less likely to shatter and capable of withstanding the highest pressure.

In order to avoid blast incidents, you will need full engineering capabilities, safety elements and the best in the class inventory of raw materials to create a blast proof design. Bin Dasmal Doors is one of the best material handling suppliers in UAE, rendering the heavy duty blast proof swing doors. We specialize in special application doors, and the industry approved blast proof doors are one of our best-selling products.

Models for Different Blast Ratings

We stock a vast gamut of fire and blast protective products. Thus all your worries to eliminate the risk of blast event will be answered at Bin Dasmal Doors. Our offered range comprises of low, medium and high-level blast characteristics, thus, depending on your safety concerns you can invest in your ideal design.

The offered doors are helpful in eliminating the severe damages caused by:

1. Dangerous fuels
2. Fire outbreaks
3. Explosions

In order to ensure public and personnel safety, strict quality standards have been developed, and our offered models of blast proof doors are fully compliant with such regulations and norms.

As the most recognized material handling suppliers we focus on the primary objectives of a blast resistant design which include

1. Safety for people inside the high-risk structure;
2. Compartmentalization of the unit to ensure controlled shutdown; and
3. Minimized financial loss.

Highly Versatile Range of Blast Proof Doors

We focus on quality compliance and owing to our unfailing commitment to legislation requirements, so we are considered the most trusted material handling suppliers providing the unmatched quality of products. Likewise, we are assuring highest enclosed security by rendering a comprehensive range of blast proof doors.

The doors are utilized to create a blast resistant design in high-risk areas and can be seen widely installed at military based locations, commercial, industrial, airports, and agricultural verticals. Keeping in mind the flexible design parameters of varied industries, Bin Dasmal Doors presents the electrically operated swing doors that accommodate various conditions.
Not only this, the door panels and hinge hardware used in these doors are tested for its rigidity and durability standards to make the final product more feasible in high-risk environmental conditions. Moreover, we take pride in presenting the most secure range of blast proof doors that is gaining immense popularity at bank lockers and chemical rooms.

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