How to pick the right pallet racking system as your best storage solution for business?

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If you are struggling to find the versatile storage solution for your business, then Bin Dasmal Doors and Storage Solutions is here with an enormous range of storage solutions in Dubai. We offer the best quality pallet racking storage systems for storing your goods whether these are heavy or small. Our product range includes storage systems from pallet racking and shelving systems to vertical storage machines that help to save your space as well as maximize your storage capacity. In order to comprehend your well-planned storage activity and the way items are moved, we provide you the storage systems with more flexibility and easy access.

In this blog you can get brief information on Pallet Racking Systems and here are some types of Pallet Racking storage systems we provide:

Pallet Racking –Wide Aisle

This is the most common storage solution that provides open access to all pallets. The colossal layout of this wide aisle racking system allows labourer to find everything easily which they require immediately. These types of racking systems are designed in different ways according to the exact requirements of customers and pallet load like Dexion P90. This racking is available in heights of up to 30 meters and erratic depths and widths. This racking system is suitable for all types of pallets and efficiently fit into the available space.

Pallet Racking- Narrow Aisle

If you have limited space, then narrow aisle pallet racking is the perfect option for you. This racking system is highly appreciated for its distinctive features such as maximum storage capacity and quick availability to every pallet. After installing this pallet racking system in your business, you can effortlessly get 40% additional space for increasing operational height.

Drive in Racking

Drive-in-racking is an ideal option for you if you want to store your goods on pallets behind or on top of each other. As compared to block stacking, this racking system is suitable when huge access is required. In this racking system, pallets are loaded as per the principle of first in last out (FILO). It means that you need to open pallets one by one from the front of the rack because they can’t be opened directly.

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-Tier racking system is highly suitable for cartons, boxes as well as garment storage. This system allows order picking on multiple levels and perfectly optimizes your floor space. Multi-tier pallet racking provides walkways which are built into the pallet racking structure, creating manual pick lanes at various levels.

Bin Dasmal Doors and Storage Solutions is a reputed company that deals in various types storage solutions in Dubai and can give valuable vision for solving your exact storage requirements.

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