Industrial applications of automatic gate barriers

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Bin Dasmal Doors exclusively deals in various products within its automation inter-division including sliding gates and automatic gate barriers. Companies and organizations infuse these gate barrier systems to elevate their security measures while complying with international safety standards.

Automatic gate barriers in the UAE are primarily designed for security purposes and are used at the entry and exit points of a wide number of industries like hospitals, corporate houses and parking lots. Scroll down to find how this security solution can be applied to different industries and sectors:

●     Hotels

Hotels have guests and staff constantly entering and leaving the premises which makes it important to manage the flow of pedestrians and vehicles effectively. Automatic gate barriers are an ideal solution for preventing security threats by restricting unauthorized entry and exit of vehicles and protecting the guests and hotel personnel.

●     Hospitals

Nowadays hospitals have increased their spaces and campus size to meet the healthcare needs of a vast population. The need for 24/7 security in hospitals has become pivotal to protect patients, staff and visitors from the risk of theft, violence and stressful encounters. Gate barriers enhance the safety of people and the infrastructure with automatic gates that are programmed to close for site security.

●     Shopping malls

One place that has a high footfall of customers are shopping malls especially during certain times of the day. Effective management is always required at the entry and exit points and barrier gate automation is an ideal solution for shopping malls. Apart from having security checks at the gate, these barrier gates also help in managing the flow of supply and deliveries.

  • Car parks

Automated gate barriers organize parking payments more efficiently and are a good choice for controlling traffic. The system runs smoothly without patrols and parking attendants and allows drivers to pass by one at a time.

Automated gate barriers in the UAE can also offer additional benefits such as facilitating better coordination by preventing illegal access by people who want to use a particular facility without being authorized to do so.

This approach is also cost-effective as its system is automated and does not require mobile patrols. The barriers are adaptable and can be programmed to suit various individual needs in all sorts of industries. Bin Dasmal Doors, a premium automated gate barrier supplier in the UAE offers user-friendly designs to improve the overall security of your commercial spaces.


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