Making The Right Choice of Hangar Doors

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Aircraft Hangar Doors are very important as large doors are required to cover most of the hangar. The doors serve multiple purposes as below:

  • Protect the hangar and the aircraft from birds, insects, and unnecessary dust and debris.
  • Serve as a barrier against extreme climatic conditions like strong winds, even hurricanes, excessive heat etc.
  • serve to keep the optimal temperature and climatic conditions inside of the hangar.
  • act as a barrier for unwanted entries in the hangar thereby enhancing the security.

Good quality hangar doors should be

  • Easy to operate and use
  • Self-contained
  • Able to withstand temperature and moisture-level fluctuations
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Light-weight
  • Low in maintenance
  • Long-lasting

Hangar Doors can be made in different configurations for strength, ease of use and withstand climatic conditions. They should be easy to open. The different kinds of hangar doors are

  • Bottom rollingdoors for large applications. They require little maintenance and are best unpowered.
  • Hydraulic swinging doors are comparatively lightweight and best for places that do not face chronic high winds.
  • Bi-folding doors are best for general aviation, need much less maintenance, easier to operate and are cheaper than hydraulic doors.

Making the right choice of hangar doors is vital and therefore,it is important to procure them from a reliable manufacturer and supplier who follows stringent guidelines.

Bin Dasmal Doors supplies well engineered Aircraft Hangar Doors and recognized as one of the best aircraft hangar doors suppliers in Dubai. Our Hangar Doors can be manual or electric in a number of configurations. The way our system is designed, any door can be operated without moving other doors or they can also be opened together.

Bin Dasmal Doorsbeing the leading Aircraft Hangar Doors supplier ensures best quality doors with different types. We have the following types of doors:

  • Ultra-durable sliding aircraft hangar doors that provide insulation and are able to withstand bad weather.
  • Singular or multiple door leaf hangar doors in different sizes
  • Sliding hangar doors that offer heat and noise insulation
  • Rigid frame construction

We have an excellent team that believes in creating and selling the best products, timely delivery, and the best customer service.


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