Problems with Automated Gates and Maintenance Checklist

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You may experience issues with your automated gate system such as slower operation, strange noises, and device failure over time. This could indicate a major problem, but it could also be the result of minor issues that could be detected and fixed during routine inspections and maintenance.

Call an access control specialty company and have them run through this checklist to tune up your gate before ordering a new operator or other access control devices.

Listed below are some maintenance checklist points to combat problems associated with automated gates:

  1. Visual Examination – Make sure the route of the gate movement is clean of leaves and debris.

Examine the gate for signs of wear or damage, paying special attention to the hinges, rollers, and any exposed wiring. (If your gate is damaged, contact your gate maintenance provider right away.)

  1. Check the operation of the photocells by blocking them during the gate movement’s initiation. If the photocell is blocked, the gate should not close.

Once the operation has been confirmed, wipe the photocells and reflectors (if present) with a damp cloth to remove any dirt that has accumulated over time. Check for proper operation after cleaning.

  1. Safety Equipment

Check that any safety devices installed on the gate, such as safety edges, mechanical hinge protectors, or meshing, are still seated/fixed securely and show no signs of physical damage. If you’re unsure about anything, contact your gate maintenance company.

  1. Operation in General

Excessive noise/squeaking or labored movement during gate operation could indicate that the gate needs to be lubricated or serviced. If you’re concerned, we recommend having the gate serviced.

If you follow these simple instructions, your automatic gate should last longer and be trouble-free.

  1. Regular cleaning and upkeep

One final word of caution: these inspections are not a replacement for routine gate system servicing and maintenance. Depending on usage, servicing should be done every six months or at least once a year. A professional gate system service should be performed on a regular basis to avoid premature failure and costly repairs in the future.

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