Safety elements in industrial shuttle racking system

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A shuttle racking is a self-powered device for the loading and unloading of pallets. It is transported to its location by a standard forklift. Once at its location the loading and unloading functions are performed by the shuttle without any human intervention. The forklift driver communicates the task using a remote control. After completing the task, the shuttle racks return to its home position and are then transported to a new location for the next task. Each shuttle rack has got rechargeable batteries and is transferred between storage units by a forklift truck. 

Shuttle racking systems are used for handling whole pallets and for storing in batch quantities. They are useful in new installations as well as for refurbishments and stays independent from the number and depth of the lanes. Shuttle racking systems are automated systems that guarantee the highest possible storage density. They play a key role in the warehouses and are indispensable equipment for warehouse operations. A shuttle racking system usually consists of a supporting rack, shuttle cart and shuttle rails. It has a platform on top that performs lifting actions. There are certain safety elements to be considered while operating an industrial shuttle racking system. 

  • It is important for the operator to ensure that the channel where the shuttle racks operate is clear. 
  • While lifting the shuttle rack ensure that the ON/OFF button is towards the forklift operator. 
  • Proper care should be taken every time the shuttle unit is handled.
  • Ensure that the shuttle unit is never moved with a forklift when loaded.
  • Ensure clearance of all personnel from the area where the forklift and shuttle are operating.
  • Avoid entering any part of the system where the shuttle rack is operating. 
  • Shuttle racking systems are operated with remote control. Any tampering with the remote casings will invalidate the warranty.
  • Make sure that the shuttle unit always remains at the operating temperature.
  • The shuttle racks should only be used by personnel who got proper training.
  • The shuttle rack should always be used in line with the details given in the user manual.

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