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Doors are maintained with great care in the industrial sectors in order to ensure proper safety of valuable equipment from different burglary and Vandalism attempts. In order to avoid such cases, rolling shutters are highly used in the industries. There is a great demand for these rolling shutters in the Middle East countries.

Bin Dasmal Doors is considered as the most efficient industrial rolling shutter supplier in UAE. It represents the rolling shutters of the top manufacturing brands like Wayne Dalton, Steel-Line, Dexion, Accessa, Bolton Gate and many others. The rolling shutters are basically sectional overhead doors with a number of horizontal slats hinged together.

These doors are designed with a vertical sliding mechanism and are mainly used at the entrance or exit of a chamber or building. These are also termed as coiling metal door barriers as they act as an efficient barrier between the interior and the exterior conditions of a chamber. In order to open the door, these shutters are raised upwards while to close these doors, the shutter is lowered downwards.

As these doors are single skin and insulated, a good insulation is maintained within the chamber. The insulated panel absorbs the required heat within the panel, and supplies warm air at the time of requirement. Thus, a lot of energy is being saved as no electrical consumption is maintained within the chamber.

The basic design of these rolling shutters include Bottom bar, Hood cover, Barrel assembly, Side guides, horizontal salts, shutter spring, shutter box, and lock. All these components together facilitate the overall functioning of the rolling shutters. These shutters are mainly used in the factories and warehouses as a proper security is highly demanded for those places.

These shutters are made up of different metals like aluminum, regular steel or stainless steel. Bin Dasmal Doors also provides fire rated and non fire-rated rolling shutters as per the requirement of the clients. The small rolling shutters are easily managed with the help of manual strength, but in order to lift large rolling shutters, a great amount of strength is required. So, in the large rolling shutter, a small electrical tubular motor is attached to the roller, in order to operate the shutter automatically.


Bin Dasmal Doors is a reputed industrial rolling shutter supplier in UAE and provides the best quality rolling shutter to its clients. It also fulfills the customization needs of the clients and supplies rolling shutters at an affordable price.

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