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Overview: If you want to reap the benefits of storage solutions then select the best storage solution for your business as it helps you in endless ways. Whenever you need to store your items safely and appropriately then we have a system that will optimize your storage capacity and provide you with ample space.

  • A well-organized storage system saves space since it allows the stacking of items in a proper way.
  • An efficient storage system saves your time and efforts especially when you are keeping track of your items manually.
  • An organized warehouse keeps all safety that can threaten the security of your workers while working and also the goods or products are also kept safe and protected.
  • Our storage solutions provide more convenience in managing and maintaining your warehouse.

Types of storage solutions:

Shelving systems: The demand for a better storage system is always increasing and there are different kinds of storage systems that are available in the market and one of them is the shelving system. The shelving system is considered as the best storage system that are known to save on floor space whilst offering more storage as shelves are placed on top of one another and this way it consumes less space and you can place more items. It also reduces the number of accidents that take place in a workplace as these systems are known for organizing the things efficiently and effectively.

There are various types of shelving systems:

  • Single tier shelving system
  • Multi-tier shelving
  • High rise shelving
  • Medium span shelving
  • Long span shelving
  • Ship shelves & cabinets
  • Mobile shelving systems

Mezzanine floors and partitioning: Mezzanine floors are used to provide extra storage to your warehouse, workplace, workrooms etc. They are completely demountable, increased potential storage, and seamlessly integrate within your existing environment. We provide different types of mezzanine flooring systems.

  • ME250 Mezzanine floors
  • Partition cassette 900

Cantilever racking:  Cantilever racks are used for storing bulky and heavy loads for your business. For your storage needs, it is the best option and suitable for the most arduous environments. We provide several types of racking like:

  • Extra heavy duty racking
  • Vertical racking
  • Scrap car storage
  • Jig & tool storage
  • Bar & tube storage
  • Sheet metal storage
  • Timber storage

Vertical storage machines: Vertical storage machines increases storage density, reduce inventory and man-hours. It allows you to perform a wide range of activities from simple to full inventory control.

  • Lift system (TORNADO)
  • Vertical carousel (PATERNOSTER)
  • Horizontal carousel (HOCA)

Bin Dasmal Doors supply exclusive storage solutions in Dubai and has an impressive number of projects and assignments in the UAE.  We specialize in offering top quality and absolutely safe work within time.


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