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Bin Dasmal Doors believes in being the best in the industry and providing its customers with the outstanding quality of doors that can satisfy all needs and requirements. With its high quality products supplied to successful projects in UAE from globally leading brands, Bin Dasmal Doors is renowned as one of the best sectional doors suppliers in Dubai.

Different types of doors by Bin Dasmal Doors

At Bin Dasmal Doors, there are a variety of doors being supplied that can match your needs and requirements.

These have been explained as below:

1. Garage doors:

Garage doors can be described as virtual sliding doors and are made of insulated panels. These panels are made of polyurethane foam that is free from CFC. The basic design of garage doors consists of vertical tracks, insulated panels, rollers, and horizontal tracks. They can also be electrically or manually operated. These are ideal for most of the villas these days and can be put to good use in the long run.

2. High speed doors:

High speed doors can be described as vertical folding doors or vertical coiling doors. These doors are also said to be highly compatible with the exterior and interior installations. They have a basic design that consists of side guides, fabric curtains as well as a shaft assembly. These high speed doors are basically used in areas that are highly trafficked, food processing industries and under other harsh environmental conditions. Entrance and exit solutions can be provided with the help of high speeddoors, and this adds to the numerous advantages that they already provide.

3. The PVC swing doors:

PVC swing doors are always used in huge quantities or high volumes. Their basic design consists of a hinge hardware and a door body. They have rubber panels that flex to absorb any type of impact, they are tough, and their gravity is suspended. They are also advantageous as they are highly compatible with the exterior as well as interior installation. These doors are also highly suitable for the purpose of loading in the bay areas.

Considering the wide range of different types of doors provided by Bin Dasmal Doors is made it versatile in the doors industry. Thus sectional door suppliers in Dubai like Bin Dasmal Doors are the ones that make things easier for customers. At Bin Dasmal Doors, we are dedicated to providing high class and efficient solutions to our customers so that they are able to match all the needs and requirements. The different types of doors like residential, commercial, industrial and special application doors are all of the top quality and provide easy solutions to customers.

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