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Overview:  An automatic storage system saves up to 75% storage of your warehouse. These systems reduce picking time and picking errors by more than 65%. The most efficient way of using storage machine is to have warehouse management included with the machine. Instead of spending huge bucks on expanding your warehouse take a look at vertical storage systems that will save your time and money and also increase safety and security. By using vertical storage systems it will give number of benefits to your warehouse.

  • It maximizes the square footage available in warehouses.
  • It improves safety and security with built in safeguards to prevent accidents.
  • It also carries computerized inventory of all the products or goods in your warehouse.
  • Increases organization of goods in stock.
  • Maximizes picking efficiency with advanced technology.

Types of vertical storage systems provided by Bin Dasmal Doors:

  • Lift system (TORNADO): Tornado storage machine operates on the “goods to person” principle. It is a rapid vertical automated storage solution increasing floor space capacity and handling efficiency. It can be easily tailored as per customer’s requirement and provide security to your goods which are kept in the warehouse. It provides optimum use of shortage space with quick return on investment. These lift system offers number of benefits:
  • Low power consumption & maintenance costs
  • Reduction in labor consuming handling operations
  • Can be used as a lift between different warehouse levels or floors with multiple access openings
  • Minimize search time and avoid picking errors
  • Vertical Carousel: Paternoster is one of the sublime solutions for ideal reduction of picking times. These systems save floor space and offers effective height-optimized storage. They offer closed safe storage and protects products from dust and light. Picking work in warehouses can be reduced by up to 60%. They are proposed for the system which store many different types of goods. They also reduce operators’ manual transport routes to a minimum.
  • Horizontal Carousel: It consists of a fixed number of adjacent storage columns or bays. These bays are linked mechanically to either an overhead or floor-mounted drive mechanism. The system brings goods to the operator quickly and ergonomically. Horizontal carousels can save up to 75% of floor space, as well as increasing productivity. Carousels can be equipped with pick-to-light systems that make batch-picking very easy and fast for the operator.

The services provided by us to our clients are extended across the UAE.  We are focused on providing quality, value and quality services to our customers. Bin Dasmal Doors has an optimized storage system that will save store your bulky goods or handle small parts of your goods in your warehouse.

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