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Bin Dasmal Doors specializes in wide range of doors and provides supply, installation and maintenance services for automatic doors. Bin Dasmal Doors deals with many globally leading brands and supplies extensive range of doors in the UAE.

The Company specializes in supplying premium quality doors under various categories as below:

  • Industrial doors – Industrial doors are very specific and are tailored to meet demands of various industries. These doors are dependent upon the function given by client. These doors can be operated manually or electronically. These doors are strong and meant to provide security to industrial building.

The Company provides below types of doors in the UAE:

    • Industrial rolling shutters
    • Sectional doors
    • Folding doors
    • Vehicle doors
    • Aircraft hangar doors
  • Residential doors–The Company provides different types of garage doors for residential building or villas. These doors need to be easily maneuverable and strong in material and construction as they are added in security element of the premises.
    • Garage doors
  • Commercial doors – These doors are specifically manufactured to use in commercial buildings. They are usually used in schools, office buildings, stores, hospitals, manufacturing industries, and other commercial buildings.

They are made keeping a wide variety of uses in mind. These buildings have a high footfall, different designs in separate spots and multiple entry and exit points. The doors need to cater to all these, need to be specified as per the location and use and should be strong in material and design to provide ample security.

Below are the different types provided by Bin Dasmal Doors:

    • High-speed doors
    • Commercial rolling shutters
    • Steel doors
  • Special application doors – Bin Dasmal Doors also supplies specially designed and manufactured doors to their clients as per their requirements. Special purpose doors are designed, tested and constructed to suite specific requirements. These doors have special performance characteristics that may be required in various applications
    • Shipyard and hangar doors
    • Blast proof doors
    • Folding partitions
    • Fire and smoke curtains
    • Pitch doors

These doors are used for special applications such as bank lockers, chemical rooms, airports, ports, conference rooms, entrances to passenger lifts, stadium etc.

Bin Dasmal Doors has always supplied high quality products. All their products are quality certified are made with the best quality material with the latest technology.

Bin Dasmal Doors ensure that they are always updated on the market requirements and developments, have a know-how of the latest technology and access to the best raw materials for supplying doors in Dubai.

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