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Bin Dasmal Doors has many storage solutions to help store goods in warehouses, assuring optimal saving on storage space. Be it Vertical Storage Machines, Pallet Racking Systems or Shelving Systems, Bin Dasmal Doors has a solution for all kinds of storage requirements. It is one of the leading racking and shelving system suppliers in Dubai.

A safe, economical and extremely organized storage system, the Pallet Racking System is cost-effective too. The design is vertical, forklifts can be moved around the racks easily to pick and saves on floor space. The pallet racks are made of superior quality galvanized or stainless steel. They show strength and are extremely durable. 

Bin Dasmal Doors offers multiple kinds of Pallet Racking Systems as below: 

  • Pallet Racking Wide Aisle 
  • Pallet Racking Narrow Aisle 
  • Drive-in Racking 
  • Multi-tier Pallet Racking 
  • Mobile Pallet Racking 
  • Shuttle Pallet Racking 
  • Push-back Pallet Racking 
  • Pallet Flow Racking 

They are all designed to give each pallet appropriate access. Bin Dasmal Doors has these different designs to accommodate different kinds of goods, temperature and storage purposes. 

Shelving systems by Bin Dasmal Doors are used in warehouses for a large number of goods to be stored. These goods could be heavy and otherwise need a larger space to be stored. They can be built smaller in height or as a high-rise storage facility. Their height can be made adjustable, lights can be installed and even have beams to prevent material from falling. The types of shelving systems by Bin Dasmal Doors are: 

  • Mobile Shelving systems 
  • Ship shelves and cabinets 
  • Long span shelving 
  • Medium span shelving 
  • High rise shelving
  • Multi-tier shelving 
  • Single-tier shelving 

They are all designed for a multitude of storage needs. Also with an eye on how the stored materials will be moved and how they can be best picked. These can be customized to suit clients’ requirements.  

The Bin Dasmal Doors team studies the requirements thoroughly and only then suggests what kind of storage solutions are the right ones to be used. The storage is designed to cater optimally to the requirements, save on space and make it possible to store as much as possible. 

Bin Dasmal Doors has a professional team in place that ensures product and service quality to the clients. Bin Dasmal Doors is considered one of the recognized racking and shelving systems suppliers in Dubai.


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