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Overview:  Vertical storage systems are ideal solutions for any warehouse. They are used for utilizing better storage and retrieval of any product in varying work environments. There are number of benefits of vertical storage systems like:

  • It saves up to 90% of valuable storage compare to other storage methods. It is secured and controls restricted access and barcode verification.
  • It helps in increasing productivity and accuracy with simple visual picking aids. Operators can quickly and easily identify their products that are needed to be picked.
  • All picking operations are monitored and documented to offer full traceability of the orders and monitor stock levels in real time.

Bin Dasmal Doors and Storage Solutions provide reliable and safe vertical storage systems which easily accommodates client’s storage requirements. The Company is specialized in below types of vertical systems:

Types of vertical storage systems:

  • Lift system (TORNADO): These storage machines are energy- efficient, rapid and operate on the “goods to person” principle. Our lift systems are safe and secured and tailor to each customer’s requirements. These systems handle the small items in your warehouse or in your shop. These are recognized as a pioneer innovator in the development of enlarging your warehouse and extremely useful for the seasonal products. It is also has password protected access levels for the security purpose.
  • Vertical Carousel (PATERNOSTER): The vertical carousel allows you to easily store locate and choose materials and protect the sensitive items from unauthorized access. Paternoster provides an outstanding solution for optimal reduction of picking times. With batch picking it can be seen a great reduction in picking time and offers more rapid turnaround. These automated storage solution saves floor space and offers efficient height-optimized storage. Paternoster is recommended for systems storing many different types of goods. It permits the optimization of the storage area by using all the heights available. And guarantees the safety and protection of personnel and materials.
  • Horizontal Carousel (HOCA): Horizontal carousel can be operated manually or via computer controls allowing you to perform a wide range of activities from simple transactions to full inventory control. It is one of excellent choices for large spaces or low buildings. These systems can accommodate large quantities of bulky goods, reducing picking times and boost the productivity by connecting several machines to single retrieval point. It is an effective solution for fast storage and picking up the materials.

By purchasing the right vertical storage systems from Bin Dasmal Doors & storage solutions, you can be sure enough to avoid any mishaps and also provide professional maintenance services and top storage solutions such as shelving system, cantilever racking, and others.

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