Maximize warehouse space with vertical storage systems

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Maximization of warehouse storage space is important to utilize the storage space to its fullest potential. This also ensures operating costs and overhead are minimized as well. Therefore, effective solutions that allow you to fully utilize the warehouse space for storage are essential for the proper functioning of warehouse management systems.


Therefore, vertical storage systems are essential to maximizing warehouse storage. It can open double or more cubic feet of unused storage space. Efficient systems are available to maximize warehouse floor space, bringing an excellent return on investment. These are vertical carousels and vertical racking solutions as well.


Vertical Storage

Several operations maximize vertical warehouse storage by stacking pallets on top of pallets. While this strategy is straightforward and simple, pallet stacking forces warehouse workers into repeat lifting, lowering, and restacking pallets for order fulfilments. This is not the most efficient way of vertical storage space maximization. 


Stack and restack methods are time-consuming and deterrents to safety – they can lead to pallet tipping and load collapse. It also exposes workers to more forklift operations, thereby exposing them to dangers of the same. Therefore, stacking is not the best way to maximize vertical warehouse efficiency.


Some warehouses rely on fixed racking to elevate inventory loads. Conventional racks are safer than simply stacking pallets, but they also need forklift assistance. Lighter inventory products can be manually stored and retrieved.


A great investment to increase storage efficiency and volume at great economic costs are with vertical storage carousels & vertical warehouse racking. They allow you to load and unload products and inventory at a comfortable eye level, allowing you to elevate them at the push of a button.


All the inventory is placed and retrieved at a singular level as opposed to sorting through pallet stacks. Vertical carousels have up-down capabilities wherein warehouse staff can control it, electrically, to deliver products safely and dependably on demand. It is feasible and rather practical in the sense that products can be loaded to the carousel and raised vertically.


Paternoster is an excellent solution for optimal reduction of picking times. Particularly great reduction in picking time is seen with batch picking, offering a more rapid turnaround. The rotating automated storage solution saves floor space and offers efficient height-optimized storage.

Retrieval points can be set up on many floors.


Paternoster is recommended for systems storing many different types of goods. It offers rapid processing and minimization of picking errors. Paternoster always takes the shortest route to the operator.


Well-planned storage means an increase in space utilization by as much as 100%. Storage that’s designed with a clear understanding of the way items are moved and used can save time and speed up processes by a significant degree. We understand these issues and can assess your storage requirements suggesting the best system or combination and layout for you.


Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff, designers, and project managers can provide valuable insights for solving your storage requirements and have top-class vertical storage systems and solutions, specifically for your needs and requirements.


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