Pallet Rack Inspection Guide

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Your cantilever racking systems are built to support the pressure and weight of your largest goods. The truth is that even a small mistake in your rack solution can lead to serious operational difficulties and safety risks. Because of this, it’s critical to implement a thorough inspection procedure on cantilever racking systems.

Here are a few steps to prioritize while the inspection is conducted:

Level Check

Installers frequently use a lot of shims to make up for poor flooring. While this offers a temporary solution, with time the shims may shift and even skew, making the racks uneven. If there is a collision, your racks are significantly more likely to collapse if they aren’t level. Spend some time properly inspecting yours. It’s time to correct if you see any crooked racks or out-of-place rows.

Deflection Check

Beams will naturally slump with each load. Although some deflection is permissible, it should vanish as soon as the beams are unloaded. If the beams have distorted because of collisions or overloading, they must be replaced.

Rust Check

Despite being strong, a metal rack is prone to corrosion and rust. Take a deeper look if you notice any of these spots on your system. Frequently, a damaged external surface will indicate that the metal is frail beneath, making it more likely to collapse. Inspect the paint for scrapes as well. Although drivers may not always record a collision, this might be obvious evidence that one did.

Load Capacity Check

It might be challenging to determine whether a rack system is operating at capacity. However, it’s crucial to do this analysis since overburdening your system is one of the main causes of failure.
The capacity rating of your uprights will rely on how far apart your beams are spaced, whereas the capacity rating of your beams will have a per-pair value. If an operator uses a pallet rack that is unable to handle its weight, catastrophic damages and injuries may result.


You probably have a fire hazard if any loads are occupying the flue space between rows or are piled too next to other building components, such as a sprinkler system.

Connections Check

Make sure there are no loose connections (bolts, clips, attachment pins, etc.). Any missing connections should be restored. Tighten any slack connections and replace those that are broken or damaged. The uprights and beams with loose or damaged connections should be checked for additional damage.

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