Pro-tips for regular maintenance of sectional doors

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Durable and easy to operate, sectional doors are tight-sealing solution for industrial use. They are made from insulated panels and slide up and down to maximize space around the door opening. Bin Dasmal Doors offers manually or electronically operated sectional doors in Dubai that are customizable to fit your specific project requirements in warehouses, cold storage rooms and loading bays.

 Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your doors functioning well.

  1. Lubricate the moving parts

A small amount of lubrication can go a long way in keeping your door operating well. Use a spray lubricant to grease up the door opener’s chain, hinges, rollers and tracks. This helps prevent noise and cleans the drive screw of dust particles.

  1. Test the door balance

If your sectional door is imbalanced, it will have to work harder to function and won’t last very long. Keep its balance in check by pulling the release handle on the automatic opener, then manually lift the door so it is about halfway open. If the door doesn’t stay in place it means that the spring is worn out. Get in touch with a professional to adjust the system.

  1. Examine the hardware

The average sectional door moves up and down numerous times and the constant motion can cause damage to the track hardware. Using a socket wrench will help tighten up any loose bolts and will keep the loose roller brackets functioning smoothly.

  1. Regular inspection

Seasonal inspection should be part of your routine when it comes to keeping your sectional doors in good condition. Watch out for grinding noises and whether your door moves smoothly or with jerky movements. Regular inspection of your doors helps you determine whether you need to replace broken or damaged parts. The trained and expert technicians at Bin Dasmal Doors can provide the installation of door parts and repair services at economical costs.

  1. Clear the Tracks

Major adjustments to tracks should ideally be made by a professional technician. However, you can ensure that the tracks are free from debris by checking them on either side while also using a level to check the plumb.

Maintaining your sectional doors will extend its lifespan, reduce repair costs and maximize productivity. Sectional doors from Bin Dasmal Doors comes with CFC free polyurethane foam stacked in between two metal skins with the objective of withstanding heavy pressure. They specialize in providing premium quality sectional doors in Dubai and conducts inspection services to keep your industrial door in optimum condition through all seasons.



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