What You Need To Know About Industrial Rolling Shutter And Sectional Doors

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In this article, we shall talk about two types of doors that Bin Dasmal Doors specializes in – The Industrial Rolling Shutters and Sectional Doors.

Industrial rolling shutters are coiling metal doors that come with a vertical sliding mechanism. They are insulated and have a single skin. That enables these doors to maintain the requisite amount of insulation and optimal temperature conditions. They are also called coiling metal door barriers.

Bin Dasmal Doors provides industrial rolling shutters that are either fire rated or non-fire rated. We use stainless steel, regular steel and even aluminum to make the rolling shutters. Our designs consist of horizontal slats, side guides, bottom bar, barrel assembly and a hood cover. The shutters are available both in motorized and manually operated models. We can supply them as per the needs of our clients.

They are mainly used in warehouses and factories.

Sectional doors are vertical sliding doors that are made from insulated panels. These panels are commonly made of CFC free polyurethane foam that is stacked in between two metal skins. There are different specifications for installation of these doors – standard lift, vertical lift or hi-lift. Insulated panels, vertical and horizontal tracks and rollers form a part of the design. Sectional doors are designed to be either manually or electrically operated.

They find use in warehouses, cold storage rooms and loading bays.

It is very important to get doors serviced regularly. This is essential to prevent any possible damage. With early detection, any possible problem can be resolved that helps save time, effort and money later. This is an important preventive step.  If the door is relatively new, it will be helpful to get repairs done for any problem. If the door is old, then it has to be evaluated by an expert whether there is a need for replacement or repair shall suffice.

One should always source good quality doors from reliable and authorized doors supplier in Dubai. Bin Dasmal Doors is one of the leading suppliers of doors. It has the expertise of a team that is committed to providing products meeting international quality standards. The team also looks after meeting their client’s requirements and being available to them 24×7.


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