What you should know about Dock Levelers

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Whenever there is loading to be done on trucks at the docks, there is a gap that can make it difficult to load a consignment. What is used is a height and gap adjustment platform forming a bridge. This is known as a Dock Leveler. They are designed to be strong and durable as a lot of weight can be put on them. At the same time work needs to be done fast, easily and safely.Loading Bays are the main applications for Dock levelers in the UAE. Dock levelers are attached to the dock and have a metal plate that’s called – Lip.

Dock levelers should

  • Be made with the highest quality raw materials. This ensures strength and durability.
  • Have easy to comprehend features that should also be in sync with the requirements of the time.
  • Have adjustable features.
  • Be available in mechanical or hydraulically operating models. This gives choice to clients to purchase the model as per their requirement.
  • Have ample safety features. This makes them safe to operate.
  • Have a feature of taking multiple size loads.

Use of dock levelers saves a lot of effort, time and money of the organizations that use them for loading consignments.

It is amply clear from the above, that dock levelers need good maintenance and regular servicing. If the user organizations keep a few pointers in mind, they can use their dock levelers optimally.

  • Regularly maintain and service them.
  • Never exceed the permitted load limits.
  • Very carefully train the staff members who will use dock levelers.
  • Keep dock levelers clean.

Since dock levelers are so important, it becomes absolutely imperative that they are sourced and maintained by the best company around.

Bin Dasmal Doors is one of the leading companies dealing in dock levelers in the UAE. The Company specializes in many products within its material handling inter-division. Key products are dock levelers and dock shelters. Bin Dasmal Doors has been around for more than 20 years and has a deep understanding of the market, its needs and requirements. It has an excellent team of engineers, technical staff, sales staff and customer care executives. They ensure that clients get exactly what they want, they train them in the usage of dock levelers and also are available 24×7 to address client concerns.


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