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Mobile shelf units are moveable shelf systems that allow an optimal use of the available space. While specific spaces need to be set aside for conventional shelving, a mobile shelf unit can be moved so that one aisle is always free. As such, a mobile shelf unit makes an economical and space-saving solution if your stored goods do not need to be accessible at any given time.

It also protects stored goods against contamination and even if your storage requirements increase at a later date, mobile shelving system allows you to gain additional space, all without having to expand.

Bin Dasmal Doors is a prominent mobile shelving supplier in the UAE and provides premium quality mobile shelving systems from Kasten brand. These shelving units are the perfect solution for efficient archiving and storing. Kasten mobile shelving can even double the amount of shelf meters in floor area available compared with fixed shelving. Mobile units move smoothly on floor rails. Working aisle can be easily opened by turning a crank.

The drive system ensures effortless movement of the mobile system, regardless of the content or the number of racks. Various locking devices help protect the contents of the mobile units from unauthorized access.Mobile shelving helps avoid wasting viable storage and can also consolidate paper documents in one convenient location. Everything is more organized and easily accessible, eliminating employee frustration during retrieval.

Some of the benefits of mobile shelving include efficient use of space, this gives a company the potential to reduce your footprint in half. It is a customizable and cost effective option for organization. It greatly improves the organization of documents within the office and this can further enhance the productivity of employees.

Available with an electric locking device, remote access, or regular locking mechanisms, Kasten mobile shelving system helps in increasing security and helps reduce potential theft.

Bin Dasmal Doors is a recognized organization and has expanded itself to be one of the top companies and also provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for a variety of doors. The Company is considered as one of the best mobile shelving suppliers in Dubai. Bin Dasmal Doors has experienced and knowledgeable professionals, designers and project managers and they provide a valuable awareness for solving your storage requirements efficiently.The company is well-knownin theUAE for offering a variety of storage solutions for your requirements.


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